Intraday Option Strategies: Rule-based and Trend following strategies.

Intraday Option Strategies: Rule-based and Trend following strategies.

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Instructor: Sachin SivalLanguage: English, Hindi

About the course

Options offer a risk-profitable alternative that many investors overlook due to their limited understanding of their underlying principles. Even experienced traders can fall victim to option traps due to a little knowledge of their underlying statistical properties.

However, through learning certain option strategies and techniques, one can limit these risks and increase profitability with these instruments. In this 6 day online workshop, you will learn about some of the most popular and effective options strategies and how they work under different conditions.

What You Will Get:

  1. Theory Class: For intraday trading via weekly expiry, we will study the most popular and straightforward intraday option strategies. I'll outline 5+ essential option strategies along with my Intraday income strategy that I've been employing for the past 3 years to make a monthly profit from options.
    1. Rule-based option strategies with predefined entry, exit, and stop-loss rules.
    2. 5+ Intraday option strategies that I have optimized based on my experience.
    3. Manual intraday selling through in-house build intraday trend following excel sheet.
  2. Live Market Market Sessions: For the Next 5 Days (Monday to Friday including expiry day), we will meet in the live market to analyze and execute our trades. We will have a live discussion session so that you can get an idea about how I scan the market and find the intraday trend. You will also learn, how I choose my strikes and entry/exit points based on the intraday trend.
    1. Market scanning in the live market.
    2. Intraday Trend Analyses with the help of OI data.
    3. Which data point do we need to follow?
    4. Strike selection and deciding entry price.
    5. Exit plan and adjustments in the live market.


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